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This list of things I have seen and been interested in, and yet I wouldn't buy them myself, which makes them perfect for a present! Some people have asked for such a list, so here it is. It is in aaabcehillpt order.

As usual, so that people don't buy two of the same thing, you can register your intention to get an item for me by selecting the radio box next to the item and then clicking 'register intention'

If you change your mind, you can simply come back later, select the item again, and click 'deregister intention'.

Item Description Suggested Places Price I found it Intention
Aftershave / CologneI seem to have run out of my red Body Shop one, but anything will do, really. :-)Someone may be getting this.
AlcoholAnything by Bols.~$15Someone may be getting this.
AlcoholBrandy - Anything other than St Remy and not from France.~$15No intentions registered.
DVDThe Ring - Original Japanese version (Not Hollywood) Amazon.com$12.62No intentions registered.
DVDOnce Upon A Time - Series 4, 6, or 7.No intentions registered.
DVD or CDAnything from DAAS - Doug Anthony All StarsOut-of-production.No intentions registered.
FoodAlpha Liqueur-filled Chocolate~$20 (Rejects for $7!)No intentions registered.
FoodAlpha Mint Chocolates (Square Vegan Choc with "Liquid" mint centre.)Australia~$7No intentions registered.
Hobby PartsFor a Hobbyzone Supercub. I can always do with spare parts! (Note: Not the "Mini" Super Cub)$3.50 - $30No intentions registered.
SwarovskiItems deleted, or about to be deleted from their purely crystal rangeNo intentions registered.
YubikeyYubikey Neo (for NFC!) https://www.yubico.com/products/yubikey-hardware/US$50No intentions registered.

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